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A multi-part digital campaign for Halsey's 4th album - If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power.

After releasing the first teaser in 2020, we officially kicked off this campaign with a digital coin flip wherein fans were teased with cryptic messages, lyrics, audio snippets, and eventually a link to the IICHLIWP Instagram.

A few weeks later a countdown appeared on building up a suspense towards the album art reveal on July 7th. After the countdown reached zero the livestream appeared on the website followed by a preorder page displaying the album cover and further information.

While waiting for the official release on August 27th we kept the fans engaged with a quiz-style interactive site where they would choose their own path and discover their destiny. A personalised, generated image could be downloaded and shared on social media.

Credits and Awards

Anthony Li, Matt Riley, Ashley Hi
Art Direction
Garett Hiliker, Marvin Schwaibold
Interactive Direction and Development
Jesper Vos
Best Served Bold

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Graphic Poster J.M Brockmann


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