Despite being a tech company, design is at the heart of everything we do at Squarespace. As a leader in web design, Squarespace is constantly challenging itself and its customers to break the boundaries of creativity. Our in-house creative team has showcased their creativity and thought leadership on design by creating a dynamic blog that will serve as a hub for innovative web design elements and musings on web, product, and brand design.

“The Creative Department” blog is also an extension of the movement we introduced to our brand identity at the end of last year, and we’ll continue to demonstrate new ways of experiencing the websites by playing around with motion in web design.


Art Direction

Marvin Schwaibold Tom Sears Lionel Taurus

Motion Designers  Yael Bienenstock Lionel Taurus

Development  Pierre Rossignol Adam Hartwig 

Production  Katie Flynn

3D Assets Lionel Taurus

Photography  Craig Reynolds

Company Squarespace