David Altrath is an architecture and wildlife photographer who works on a wide range of projects. His Identity will be kept simple and elegeant using little color to keep the focus on his amazing work. A brand identity is formed using a lot of details and components and each one is very important. But too much information can very easyle become overwhelming. The key is too use as little design as possible while making sure the client can still understand everything.


Whether it is seen on screen or in print, the logo is continuously the same. It can adapt to texture and colour in the surrounding environment. The new identity reflects Altrath. It is challenging, distinctive and innovative. However, the new identity can only make a positive impact if it is used consistently and correctly. The Logo uses Altrath as Davids last name to give the brand a familiar touch. The Logo and the last name are the brand ambassadors and are always immediately recognizable.

The most effective communications are simple. Unfamiliar or multiple logos add to the complexity  of communications and place an extra burden on the audience to decipher your messages.